Vehicle CCTV Solutions

SURE Solutions advanced on-vehicle CCTV kits are a trusted feature in thousands of buses, coaches and blue light vehicles nationwide. Our dedicated team of engineers works through the night to ensure your vehicles are available and minimise disruption during operational hours.

Our systems regularly prove their worth, with the footage they capture being requested by insurance companies, police and other third parties, often playing an important role in legal proceedings. Our CCTV installations are designed not only for surveillance, but as a protective measure for passengers, drivers and operators alike.

The accompanying illustration outlines a standard placement of our equipment. However, we understand that every operator has unique requirements, which is why we offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs, no matter the situation.

How does it all work?

The key items that will be the same across most vehicle groups are:


Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
A digital recorder that compresses files whilst maintaining the quality of the footage from all cameras and any additional features mentioned below.
Analogue Cameras
Situated around the vehicle giving internal and external views. Often installed with a wedge to improve the angle and coverage of the data seen.
Camera on bus
IP Cameras
Internet Protocol cameras are fitted in areas where high-definition recording is required. They are typically front-facing cameras but can be positioned anywhere. These cameras give the clearest footage and plug directly into the DVR or router.
To transmit the fleet data to the digital video recorder via 4G data or Wi-Fi via a SIM card. This is particularly relevant when live footage or monitoring the location of the vehicle is required. The router is typically housed in a lockable box alongside the digital video recorder.
Bus mirror camera
Driver Monitor
Allows the driver to monitor internal and external cameras to view live footage of surrounding obstacles close to the vehicle. Passenger areas including the entrance and exit doors can also be viewed for additional passenger safety.


These are all interconnected via cabling hidden in the bus construction panels to provide data feeds into the DVR, where the data is captured on the hard drive and also transmitted via GPS (if fitted) to the live streaming platform SURE InSight.

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Additional features can be added to the CCTV on vehicle system

Including but not limited to:


SURE Reverse (Reversing Camera)
When reverse is engaged a dedicated camera will turn on and give a view to the rear of the vehicle to check it is clear to manoeuvre.
360 degrees bus CCTV cameras
SURE 360° (Full Exterior Camera Coverage)
The 360° vehicle camera system gives full view from CCTVs around the vehicle and is often used on narrow roads or tight spots where there may be other vehicles or obstructions. Particularly helpful for blue light vehicles.
Bus CCTV Install
SURE Count (Passenger Counting System)
This recognises and counts passengers as they enter or leave the vehicle in real time. This allows operators to see the busiest parts of routes, how long passengers remain and other useful data. The system can differentiate between adults, children, bikes and wheelchairs.
SURE View (Camera Mirror System)
These cameras are mounted where the wing mirrors are typically positioned on large vehicles. They cover blind spots more efficiently and adjust for a clear image at night. The CCTVs captures and records footage as well as this being available on a driver monitor inside the cab.
Bus CCTV Monitor
Passenger Monitors
These are typically situated on the lower deck and scroll through the footage being captured on the cameras within the vehicle. This can deter criminal activity as well as giving passengers peace of mind.

All equipment can be covered by SURE Service. A fully managed subscription service to detect faults on your equipment and our engineers will be notified to arrange a service to keep your fleet CCTV fully operational.


All data can be viewed through our subscription based service SURE InSight and an overview can be seen here